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Luxurious Deck Oven NFR-40HF


Product Features
1. With a #201 high quality black ti-gold stainless steel (1.2mm thick) design for the appearance, both the baking oven and the proofer can be removed to work separately.
2. The manual control button makes it easy for the user to operate. This rotary oven also has PLC control.
3. A halogen lamp is used in the interior with a double layer heat gain/prevention safety glass door.
4. The interior temperature and humidity for the fermentation box can be adjusted.
5. The specialized structure means there is very little failure.
6. Top class heat preservation materials are used to achieve the overall heating effect.

Product Parameters
Model Capacity Baking chamber size(each deck) Power
NFR-40HF 3decks,9trays 147*78*20cm 240W
NFR-60H 3decks,6trays 99*78*20cm 180W
NFR-40H 2decks,4trays 99*78*20cm 120W
NFR-30H 1deck,3trays 147*78*20cm 100W
NFR-20H 1deck,2trays 99*78*20cm 100W
NFR-40HF 2deck 4trays baking,8trays proofing 99*78*20cm(baking chamber) 3KW
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  • NFR-40HF
  • NFR-40HF
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