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Product Features
1. The freezer uses an imported high back pressure hermetic compressor. It is known for its high efficiency and low noise.
2. Using a 3D stereo surround cooling system, a copper tube evaporator and a cabinet temperature equilibrium, food is fresher longer.
3. The intelligent multifunction temperature control system achieves a precise temperature regulation with system self-tests and automatic alarm functions.
4. The frozen cooling capacity is: 90 ℃ ~ 3 ℃ & 90min, 90 ℃ ~ -18 ℃ < 240min.
5. The stainless steel housing and interior features an excellent corrosion resistance and durability. The cabinet bottom circular design is easy to clean, making it easy to meet health certification requirements.
6. The overall pressure, high density foam and insulation thickness of 70mm is thicker than traditional products by 20%, significantly enhancing the thermal performance of the cabinet in order to achieve significant energy savings.
7. A detachable 1 unit makes moving and maintenance easy.
8. The automatic return door design is easy to use.
9. An automatic defrost system leads to an automatic defrost and water evaporation.

Product Parameters
Dimensions 790*800*1320 mm
Performance Temp. -40 ℃
Capacity 220 L
Tray size & decks 400*600 mm * 8 decks
Watts 2100 W
Amps 9.2 A
Hp.of Compressor 1300
Net Weight 142 KG
Gross Weight 182 KG
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