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Automatic Dough Divider NFK-20H

Product Description
The use of a hydraulic divider allows users to divide dough into pieces of equal size and weight. It replaces manual division, gaining users time and precision in the baking process. Our dough dividers are equipped with stainless steel cutting knives and alimentary nylon molds to avoid excess discarding of the dough. All units are mounted on two interlocking swivel casters and two non-locking swivel casters.

Product Features
1. The automatic hydraulic divider comes with high quality spare parts and a unique framework design to make working operations solid and stable.
2. The divider divides the dough using an automatic hydraulic system.
3. This also flattens the dough gradually to prevent destroying the dough structure.
4. The divided dough weighs anywhere from 100-800g apiece, which fits a variety of customer needs.
5. The dough divider is easy to operate, clean and maintain.

Product Parameter
Model NFK-20H
Rated voltage 380V
Rated power consumption 1.1 kw
Division piece 20 pieces
Division range 100-800g
Max dough weight 16 kg
Machine weight 350kg
Dimension 610x680x1000mm
Detail Display
  • Cutting dough for 100-800g, 20 pcs

  • Strong quality mechanical spring

  • stainless steel handle and wheels

  • Easy to operate controller

Packing & Shipping
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