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Rotary Rack Oven with Touch Control

Main functions and Characteristic
We improve the production technology of the rotary rack oven with touch control from five aspects. You can enjoy the outstanding baking effect with this machine.

  • The machine is designed with two controlling modes, the intelligent touch screen and the digital instrument. Customers can select the control mode according to their own habit. During operation, this design also guarantee the machine can work well.

  • The rotary rack oven is made of 1.5mm #304 stainless steel. For the combustor, #316 stainless steel in of 2.5mm is adopted. Since the material we use is thicker than that of the regular product, the machine we offer has a longer service life.

  • The air volume can be changed by adjusting the air outlet horizontally, which is quite simple and convenient.

  • The appearance and the structure of this rotary rack oven is newly designed. With the thicker polyurethane layer, this product has ideal thermal insulation effect. Accordingly, it will help you to save energy and you can enjoy the low carbon and environmental friendly mode of production.

  • There is a built-in sealing strip designed for this machine. Therefore, this product has excellent sealing performance.

  • The combustion engine is imported from Italy, which improves the quality of the product.

  • The streamlined design and the fashionable appearance is well received by our customers.

  • We will offer considerate service to help you solve the problem you meet.

The rotary rack oven with touch control can be used to bake bread, moon cake, toast, baguette, biscuit and dessert, etc.

1. According to the energy supply condition of the customers, we can provide the products powered by diesel, fuel gas and electricity. The combustion engine of the machine powered by diesel and gas is imported with original packing from Japan. It features of less diesel or gas consumption and complete combustion. Accordingly, the production cost will be reduced to a great extent.
2. The components and parts for electric appliance are all imported. The reasonable structure makes for the simple and convenient operation. Additionally, our product is safe and reliable in operation.
3. The size of the baking tray is 72×46cm. This product can bake 32 trays of food at one time.
4. Only one staff is needed for the operation of the rotary rack oven. The bakery food loaded on trolley can be pushed in and out of the machine together. So, you can enjoy a higher working efficiency.
5. The special design for the airduct guarantees the sufficient convection inside the machine. So, the temperature is uniformly distributed. Meanwhile, the air outlet of this product can be adjusted to offer five different air volumes to satisfy the specific demand of baking quality for different food and in different seasons.
6. The air speed of the product is designed with slow mode and fast mode. When baking different foods, customers can choose the circulation speed of the hot air. So, the quality of the baking food can be effectively controlled through the adjustment of the air speed.
7. The drawing fan will automatically absorb the heated air to avoid the injury to people or the negative effects on the operation when the door of the machine is open.
8. The combustion engine of the rotary rack oven is imported from Italy with original packing. Meanwhile, the key electric appliances are also imported.
9. With the reasonable structure and the special material, this product will not deform at high temperature. So, this machine has a long service life.
10. The luxurious and elegant appearance of the product makes it quite popular with our customer. Additionally, the high productivity will help you to save space, energy and labor.

Model STY-32DI STY-32CI STY-32QI
Overall Dimension 2640×1660×2700mm 2640×1890×2700mm 2640×1810×2700mm
Specification 32 baking trays/one trolley 32 baking trays/one trolley 32 baking trays/one trolley
Voltage 3N~380V 3N~380V/220V 3N~380V/220V
Power 52Kw 3.8Kw 3.8Kw
Max. Size of Baking Tray 460×720mm 460×720mm 460×720mm
Weight 1800kg 1810kg 1810kg
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