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    1. Rotary Rack Oven with Touch ControlThe machine is designed with two controlling modes, the intelligent touch screen and the digital instrument. Customers can select the control mode according to their own habit.
    1. Economical Rotary Rack OvenThe cotton is designed in cross structure. It reduces the interspace to the greatest extent. With less loss in the quantity of heat, this product will help you to save more energy.
    1. Energy Saving Rotary Rack OvenAccording to the different demand of the customers, the product can be designed in three types according to the different energy sources, including diesel type, electricity type and gas type.
    1. 12 Trays Mini Rotary Rack OvenThe structure is simple, stylish and easy to operate. Southstar CRO series of hot air rotary ovens give users a higher quality, luxurious and long lasting baking experience.

Rotary Rack Oven

The rotary rack oven is used to bake moon cake, toast, dinner roll, Russian hamburger, shortcake, custard pie, biscuit and other kinds of bread and desserts. Meanwhile, this product is also available for roasting a large amount of meat, such as chicken, duck, beef and mutton.

I. Baking Characteristic

Customers may use the trolley for baking. Therefore, the bakery food can be pushed in and out of the machine together. This machine will help you to save both time and labor cost. Additionally, the color and luster of the bakery food is uniform with good mouth feel.

II. Mechanical Property

1. The rotary rack oven is made of stainless steel.
Inside: 3mm #304 seamless stainless steel
Front: 1.5mm #304 stainless steel
Other parts: 1.5mm #201 stainless steel

2. The sealing property of the product is superior due to the built-in sealing strip.

3. The machine is designed with special air duct to ensure the sufficient convection and the uniform distribution of the heating temperature. Additionally, the air outlet of the product can be adjusted to five modes to satisfy the specific baking demand for different products and different seasons.

4. When the door is open, the automatic exhaust fan will absorb the hot air. So the injury to people or negative effect on operation can be avoided.

5. The inclined panel outside the rotary rack oven will ascend and descend automatically along with the opening and closing of the door. With this design, the trolley can be moved in and out of the machine conveniently and the requirement on sealing is also satisfied.


6. There is 3-layer thermal insulation cotton designed for this product with the total thickness of 135mm. It effectively reduces the thermal loss. Therefore, the good thermal insulation effect is hereby guaranteed.

7. The appearance of this product is quite luxurious and elegant. Compared with the deck oven with the same output, this product will help you to save more space, energy as well as labour cost.

III. Electrical Performance

1. This product is designed with fast and slow air circulation speeds. When baking different products, customers can select the circulation speed of the hot air freely. So the quality of the baked food and the baking speed can be effectively controlled.

2. The rotary rack oven is designed with timing and alarming function. Therefore, it is very convenient for you to control the time for baking.

3. There is a monitoring device to monitor the operation of heating, transmission, air absorbing, and the circulation speed of the hot air. This monitoring device provides reliable and timely protection to the machine. You can get clear understanding about the operation of the machine easily.

4. The rotary plate of the rotary rack oven will be automatically stopped and positioned when the door is open. So the trolley can be pushed in or out of the machine easily. In case the door is closed, the rotary plate will start operating again automatically.

5. With the PID temperature controller, the fluctuation of temperature is small.

V. Bakery Food Display