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Tunnel Oven

The tunnel oven is designed for baking moon cake, toast, dinner roll, big bread, shortcake, custard pie, biscuit and other kind of bread and dessert. Additionally, applications for baking large amount of pork, chicken, duck, beef and mutton is also available. Besides, this machine can also be used for drying.

Baking Characteristic
The baking can be conducted in the form of production line. The powerful productivity will help you save both time and labour. Meanwhile, the foods produced have uniform colour and lustre with good taste.

Mechanical Property
1. The specially-designed heating platform is adopted to guarantee the uniform distribution of the temperature inside the tunnel oven. The exhaust port of this machine is adjustable to meet the requirement for baking different foods in different seasons.
2. To provide a good working environment, there is an exhaust fan designed at the exit of the product to absorb the hot air and the smog.
3. The machine is equipped with self-lubricating mute conveyor chain. The good quality of the chain makes for the long service life and the stable transport of the food.
4. There are two heat insulations designed for this product. Meanwhile, the additional hollow insulation will reduce the heat loss. The heat insulation cotton is well sealed inside the machine.
5. The imported aluminium plate for the oven chamber is in line with the National Food Machinery Standard. The material is quite clean with good thermal reaction. The sectional material of the tunnel oven conforms to national standards. Since the material has good compressive resistance, the framework is not easy to deform. The external of the product is made of stainless steel. Therefore, the product has elegance appearance.

Electrical Performance
1. The frequency control of the machine can be adjusted to five levels. It is very convenient to change the baking time. 2. The machine has a stable central control system with superior quality. 3. Each heating bar can be controlled by both sound and light. The twin-stage series solenoid valve will ensure the reliable operation of the machine. In case the ignition is abnormal, the alarm will be sent out and part of the source gas will be cut off. For reset, one click on the relevant button is needed. The operation will not be affected. 4. There is monitoring device to supervise the operating conditions of heating or transmission. The reliable protection, timely warning and the clear indication will help you to fully understand the operating conditions of the tunnel oven.

Model Energy Source Width of Band Carrier Voltage/Power Weight(kg) Machine Size (mm)
NFS-1419D Electricity 1.4m 380V/ 12kW /m 650kg /m 19000×2300×1600
NFS-1419Q Gas 1.4m 380V/3.0kW/m 650kg /m 19000×2300×1650

Remark: Generally, the width and length of the oven chamber is designed according to the conditions of the workshop and the technical requirement of the customers. Within the specified range, the adjustment of the baking time is stepless. For normal operation, the frequency of the motor shall be kept around 50Hz.

Operation Conditions and Requirement
Type of Gas Combustion Value Air Supply Pressure
Liquefied petroleum gas ≥22000 kcal 2700~2900 Pa (285mmH2O)
Natural gas ≥9000 kcal 2800~3200 Pa (305mmH2O)

As shown in the table above, the tunnel oven we offer can be powered by electricity or gas. Customers may choose the right product according to their actual demand. Meanwhile, the width and length of the oven chamber can be customized.

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