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    1. Automatic Dough Divider NFK-30HThe use of a hydraulic divider allows users to divide dough into pieces of equal size and weight. It replaces manual division, gaining users time and precision in the baking process.

Automatic Dough Divider

Automatic Hydraulic Dough Divider

I. Application
The automatic hydraulic dough divider is used to divide large dough into small pieces with same weight and tight structure. With this machine, the labor cost can be saved and the difference caused by manual operation can be avoided.

II. Features
1. This range of product can divide the dough into 20 or 30 pieces effectively and averagely.
2. The simplified design makes for the easy operation of the machine.
3. This machine is made of stainless steel. Therefore, it is more durable.
4. Our product is specially designed for mass production as it only takes about 10-20 seconds for one shaping.
5. The operation of the machine is of hydraulic control. There is no noise generated during operation.
6. It is very easy for you to clean the automatic hydraulic dough divider.

Note: the weight of the divided dough is different depending on the weight of the dough to be divided. The heavier the dough is, the better the shaping effect will be. Additionally, the dough shall be neither too hard nor too soft. Otherwise, the quality of the divided dough we not be as good as it should be..

Model Capacity Weight of Single Dough Machine Size(cm) Machine Weight(kg) Voltage/Power
NFK-20H 20 pieces/times 135~800g 64×66×98 395 380V/2.2kW
NFK-30H 30 pieces/times 90~550g 64×66×98 400

III. Installation
1. The automatic hydraulic dough divider shall be located at the place which is dry and flat. It is important to keep the product away from the direct sunlight or the heat source.
2. The power shall be selected according to the indication on the nameplate. The power shall be 380V with null line and protective earth line. Additionally, the air circuit breaker of 3-phase 10A is also needed.
3. Open the lid of the automatically hydraulic dough divider, take the 4 pipes out and keep them well. The operating handle shall be installed on the operating valve. The surface of the inner container and the blade shall be cleaned with vegetable oil.

IV. Operation
1. Switch on the power supply with protective earth line.
2. Locate the tool apron and the blade at the lowest position by pressing the lower button. Then, put a little vegetable oil in the inner container.
3. Put the dough for dividing into the inner container. The weight of the dough shall be no more than 16kg. Then, smear a little vegetable oil on the dough.
4. Close the lid of the automatic hydraulic dough divider and tighten the handlebar of the lid.
5. The flattening and dividing of the dough are started by pressing the upper button.
6. Open the lid and have the tool apron moved upward by pressing the lower button to take out the divided dough.

V. Cleaning and Maintenance
After use, the inner container, tool apron, blade, internal surface of the lid shall be cleaned with the cloth moistened with vegetable oil.

Note: It is suggested to clean the machine with sunflower oil or olive oil. Cleaning with salad oil is prohibited.

1. The cleaning of the tool apron and the blade shall be conducted according to the following instruction.

Open the top lid of the automatic hydraulic dough divider. Then erect the 4 pipes equipped with the machine on the tool apron. Please note that it is not allowed to put the pipes on the blade. Now, close the lid and press the button to have the blade rise. Meanwhile, the tool apron shall be at the lowest position and the blade shall be at the highest location. At this moment, turn off the power supply and open the lid to clean the blade and the tool apron.

2. The surface of the machine shall be cleaned at least every one week.

The cleaning shall be conducted with the sponge that does not have abrasive surface dipped with suds. Direct washing with water is not allowed.

3. The interior of the machine shall be cleaned every one week as the following instructions.

Place the tool apron at the lowest location and the blade at the highest location with the method that is the same with the cleaning for the tool apron and the blade. Open the door lock on the two sides of the automatic hydraulic dough divider. You can see the interior of the machine when the plate is removed. Turn off the power and remove the dough and flavour inside the machine carefully.

4. For every three months, the hydraulic oil level shall be checked.
Method: Locate the tool apron and the blade at the lowest position. Then turn off the power supply and pull out the machine. You can see the hydraulic device when the side plates of the machine are opened. Now, open the tank filler cap to measure the height of the hydraulic oil with the dipstick or the clean screwdriver. It shall be confirmed that the height of the hydraulic oil shall be no less than 2cm. More hydraulic oil shall be added if the height is incompliance with that is required.

Automatic Dough Divider

The automatic dough divider is a food machinery that can automatically divide the dough or stuffing into average pieces. It has good mechanical performance and is very convenient for operation. The weight of the divided dough or stuffing is as accurate as that is required. The simple operation will help you to save more time and labour cost. This product may divide the dough and the stuffing for moon cake into 36 pieces at one time. The weight of the divided dough is from 30g to 180g.

I. Parameters
Model Capacity Weight of the Single Dough Machine Weight (kg) Machine Size (cm) Voltage Power
NFK-36 36 pcs/times 30~180g 135 50×40×132 220V 0.75Kw
II. Product Display

III. Installation

Before installation, please confirm if the machine properly installed and is in good condition. The operation shall be conducted as the following instructions.

Diagram for Electric Operating Panel
1. Operating indicator     2. Start     3. Power switch     4. Power supply indicator

1. Upon the confirmation that the supply voltage is right, turn on the control switch of the main power (Customers shall install the control switch of the main power by themselves). →Then, turn on the automatic dough divider by turning the rotary switch to the clockwise direction. →Then the indicator light will be on.

2. Pilot run: put the tray into the machine. →The indicator light of operation will light up. →When pressing the starting button, the dividing lifting platform of the machine will automatically ascend and descend for one time. Then, the operation for one dividing is finished. If the machine does not stop automatically, please turn off the power immediately. The pilot run shall be restarted when the phase line is adjusted.

In order to guarantee the safety of the automatic dough divider and the operator, please confirm the dough tray is fully attached to the lifting platform for dividing. When press the starting button with one hand, the other hand shall get ready for turning off the power supply to stop the machine in time if the dough tray is not well attached to the lifting platform. Suitable adjustment shall be made for the perfect match of the dough tray and the lifting platform.

3. The center adjustment of the dough tray. Generally, the center adjustment of the automatic dough divider is finished when the product is manufactured. There are three adjusting bolts at the other three sides of the dough tray to limit the location of the tray. The ideal condition is that through the adjustment of the bolt, the dough tray shall be fully attached to the lifting platform and no abrasion shall be generated when the machine is operating.

4. Dividing: Firstly, divide the dough into several large pieces according to the weight needed. Then put the flattened dough into the dough tray. The tray shall be put on the lifting platform for dividing. Now, the operating indicator light is turned on. Press the starting button when it is confirmed the dough tray is fully attached to the lifting platform. The operation is finished when the lifting platform for dividing automatically ascends and then descends to the original position.

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