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12 Trays Mini Rotary Rack Oven

Product description
Southstar rotary ovens are a top contributor to national industry standards, and have a classic design that integrates strength, aesthetics and functions. They are professional and trustworthy, utilizing burner machines imported from Japan. The structure is simple, stylish and easy to operate. Southstar CRO series of hot air rotary ovens give users a higher quality, luxurious and long lasting baking experience.

Product Parameters
Model CRO-12Q CRO-12D CRO-12C
Capacity 1trolley 12trays 1trolley 12trays 12trays (1trolley )
Consumption gas electricity diesel
Power 2.5kw 44kw 2.5kw
Tray Size 460*720mm 460*720mm 460*720mm
Machine Size 178*146*170cm 178*146*170cm 178x146x170cm
Machine Weight 980kg 980kg 1300kg

Product Features
1. Even baking
2. Minimum baking period
3. Programmable timers with a digital display to control the baking time
4. Low energy and low fuel consumption.
5. Automatic heat and time setting
6. Applicable for baking bread, cakes, cookies, biscuits, and pastries.
7. The burner is imported from Japan, and features a low oil consumption and a low exhaust emission.
8. Both the interior and exterior of the oven is made from stainless steel.

Detail Photos:

① The Main Structure

② Control panel detail

  • Indicators, Monitors,
    Speed Control Buttons
  • Temperature Controller,
    Light & Steam Buttons
  • Power Switch
Packing & Shipping

1. How many heating methods are available with the CRO rotary oven?
There are three: electricity, gas (LPG or LNG), and diesel.

2. Can this oven be used to bake a cake?
Yes. This rotary oven’s specialty is the hook rack rotating design. The rack hangs from a hook, therefore it does not shake and gives it the stability needed to make a cake.

3. Does this oven have a steam system, suitable for steaming baguettes?
Yes. This oven has a strong integral steam system, powerful enough for baguettes.

4. Do you provide any instructions for the oven’s installation?
All machines come with an English instruction manual. If you have special language requirements, please inform us ahead of time.

5. What is the machine warranty?
All of these rotary ovens have a 1 year warrant. During this time, any problems that arise that are found to be caused by our factory, we will find a solution and spare parts for replacements. Just send us photos as proof.

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