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Luxurious Deck Oven NFR-40H

  • NFR-40H
  • NFR-40H

Product Description
Southstar’s luxury 2 deck 4 tray oven is reliable and operationally safe. The insulated oven chamber ensures a first rate heat economy while keeping the exterior cool. This rotary oven has independent offerings for different temperatures for both the top and bottom trays, making it possible to bake two different items at the same time, or to use only a single deck to save heat when cooking only a single item.

Product Features
1. This oven uses #430 stainless steel on the front and a strong iron metal (A3) coat paining on the other 3 sides.
2. The rotary oven has a flexible, modular design.
3. A variety of pan sizes come with it for customer choices.
4. Both the top and bottom types feature independent layers that can adjust the temperature in each layer.
5. Each layer features a standard steel bottom configuration.
6. The microcomputer controller allows users to choose the baking time, temperature and heat distribution.
7. Each layer has a halogen lamp, ensuring the uniformity of the interior lighting.

Product Parameters
Model EXT.DIM(cm) Spec.(Plates) VOL.(V) POW(W) PLATE SIZE(mm) Weight(Kg)
NFR-20H 140*99*73 1 deck 2 trays 220 100 460*720 210
NFR-30H 182*99*73 1 deck 3trays 220 100 460*720 310
NFR-40H 140*99*145 2 deck 4 trays 220 200 460*720 420
NFR-60H 140*99*183 3 deck 6 trays 220 300 460*720 603
NFR-90H 194*113*183 3 deck 9 trays 220 300 460*720 785
NFR-120H 194*113*183 3 deck 12trays 220 300 460*720 860
  • "SOUTHSTAR" security signs
    "SOUTHSTAR" security signs
  • Strong and durable handle
    Strong and durable handle
  • Strong and durable wheels
    Strong and durable wheels
  • English control panel
    English control panel
  • Japan imported Heating element
    Japan imported Heating element
  • Add lava stone and steam function is available
    Add lava stone and steam function is available
  • Add lava stone and steam function is available
    Add lava stone and steam function is available
  • NFR-40H
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