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    1. Luxurious Deck Oven 40HSouthstar’s luxury 2 deck 4 tray oven is reliable and operationally safe. The insulated oven chamber ensures a first rate heat economy while keeping the exterior cool.
    1. Luxurious Deck Oven 40HF With a #201 high quality black ti-gold stainless steel (1.2mm thick) design for the appearance, both the baking oven and the proofer can be removed to work separately.

Luxurious Deck Oven

  • NFD-20F
  • NFD-40F
  • NFD-60F

Main Performance
1. The appearance of the deck oven is quite beautiful and impressive. It can be used in the shopping mall, supermarket and the bakery. Product of this series can be powered by electricity or gas. Customers can select the proper product according to the actual situation.
2. This product is produced for baking all kinds of food, such as cakes, moon cakes, bread, green bean cake, crispy cakes, etc. The food manufactured by this machine has good structure and is not easy to deform. During baking, the water loss of the food is less. With the uniform and bright colour and lustre, you can enjoy a perfect baking effect.
3. The main accessories for the electric appliances of the deck oven are imported from other countries. So the machine we offer is durable. The stainless steel we select is first-class. Even under the high temperature, the stainless steel will not transfer heat or deform.

Technical Parameters
Model and Specification Type Voltage (V) Power (Kw) Range of Constant Temperature (℃) Productivity (kg/h) Overall Dimensions
NFD-20F Single-deck with two trays Electrical type 380 6 20-300 20 1480×1130×830
NFD-40F Double-deck with four trays Electrical type 380 12 20-300 40 1480×1130×1650
NFD-60F Three-deck with six trays Electrical type 380 18 20-300 60 1480×1130×1830
NFD-90F Three-deck with nine trays Electrical type 380 27 20-300 90 1480×1130×1830
Model and Specification Type of Gas Rated Heating Load (Kw) Rated Gas Pressure
Rated Voltage/Rated Input Power
Range of Constant Temperature
Overall Dimension
NFR-20H Single-deck with two trays Liquefied Petroleum Gas 8.3 2.8 0.3 220V/100W 20-300 20 1480×1130×830
NFR-40H Double-deck with four trays Liquefied Petroleum Gas 16.6 2.8 0.6 220V/200W 20-300 40 1480×1130×1650
NFR-40HF Double-deck with four trays Liquefied Petroleum Gas 16.6 2.8 0.6 220V/200W 20-300 40 1480×1130×1650
NFR-60H Three-deck with six trays Liquefied Petroleum Gas 24.9 2.8 0.9 220V/300W 20-300 60 1480×1130×1830
NFR-90H Three-deck with nine trays Liquefied Petroleum Gas 37.5 2.8 1.2 220V/300W 20-300 90 1480×1130×1830

Product Details

I. Two types of Control Panel

1. Manual control panel
2. The temperature controller is Taiwan CAHO brand. It can accurately control the temperature. Additionally, there is a timer designed for each deck respectively.
3. The machine can also be controlled through the microcomputer digital control panel. With this design, the temperature of the oven chamber can be accurately controlled.

II. With the special design for the oven chamber of the deck oven, the temperature in the chamber may reach the same level at the same time. The uniform distribution of the temperature makes for the uniform colour and lustre of the baked food.

III. The oven chamber of our product is larger than that of the regular machines. For a 3-deck deck oven with 9 trays, you can actually bake 12 trays of food at the same time.

  • For each deck of our product, it is available to bake four trays of food at the same time. The size of the trays is 400×600mm.

  • Only three trays are available for this machine. The size of the tray is 460×720mm.

IV. The product we offer has good heat insulation, which will help you to save the energy accordingly.

High-quality door seal makes for the good sealing property.

The thickness of the fibreglass for heat insulation is 135mm. So, this machine has good heat preservation effect and will help you to save energy.

There is cotton insulation between every two decks. So the temperature in one deck will not be affected by that of the other decks. The temperature of each deck can be set up separately for baking different food.

The temperatures of the upper heating system and the lower heating system are separately displayed. Compared with the common deck oven that is produced in integrated structure, the decks of our product is removable. So it will be convenient for you to sell or use the product with different number of decks.

V. The cooling fan is designed at the side plate of the electrical cabinet. The densely distributed ventilation hole on the panel can provide good protection to the electronic components. With the better heat dissipation than that of the common machine, the electronic components of our deck oven have longer service life.

VI. The exhaust system of the oven chamber

This machine is produced with stretchable handle to control the exhaust system. The chimney is designed in square shape.

VII. The plastic door handle and the square inspection window.

This deck oven is designed with plastic door handle. Compared with the stainless steel handle of the common machine, the plastic handle will not transfer heat, get hot and melt.

This machine is manufactured with the square inspection window instead of the common elliptic inspection window. Therefore, it is quite convenient for you to know the baking conditions of the food.

Other Functions

  • Steam may be generated by this machine. With this function, the colour and lustre of the baked food are better.

  • Image of the steam

  • There is a stone plate designed for deck oven to provide heat preservation for the bottom of the machine. This product is quite suitable for baking pizza.

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