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Water Chiller

Product Features
1. The water chiller is easily paired with the spiral mixer, especially in warm weather to chill water. This prevents destroying the physical and chemical properties of the dough.
2. Automatic water removal and acquisition.
3. Cyclic water controlling system ensures quick water chilling.
4. The compressor is saved with cycling fans and a high efficiency in the air cooled condensers.
5. We offer a guaranteed cooling capacity at rated levels.

Product Parameter
Model FX-100L FX-200L
VOL 220V 220V
Frequency 50hz 50hz
Power 1.3KW 2.2KW
Capacity 100L 200L
Freon condensing R22R/134A R22R/134A
chilling time(+3℃) 80min 80min
chilling time(+5℃) 60min 60min
Exterior Dimension(mm) 700*700*1640 1000*800*1640
Product detail
  • 1. Temperature controller
    2. Power switch
    3. Water capacity selection
    4. Auto water outlet
    5. Valve inlet indicator
    6. Refrigeration indicator
    7. Outlet indicator
    8. Error indicator
    9. Outlet
    10. Inlet
    11. Manual water release valve
    12. Overflow exit

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