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Energy Saving Rotary Rack Oven

This energy saving rotary rack oven is quite suitable for baking custard pie, moon cake, hamburger, toast, baguette, biscuit, meat and other kinds of bread.

Product Characteristic
Based on years of experience in the industry, we specially design this product for the bakery food manufacturer with small and medium scale of production. Only one staff is needed to push the trolley with 32 trays in and out of the machine. Especially designed for batch production, this machine will help you to save the production cost effectively.

Energy Required
According to the different demand of the customers, the product can be designed in three types according to the different energy sources, including diesel type, electricity type and gas type.

Product Parameters
Model Energy Source Productivity Size of Baking
Trays( mm)
Voltage (V) Power
SHX-32C Diesel 32 trays/
1 trolley
460×720 2300×1765×2340 1650 3N 380~ 3.1
SHX-32D Electricity 32 trays/
1 trolley
460×720 2300×1765×2340 1650 3N 380~ 45
SHX-32Q Gas 32 trays/
1 trolley
460×720 2300×1765×2340 1650 3N 380~ 3.1

Product Function
I. The simple and humanized design of the door brings not only the fashionable
appearance, but also the convenience in operation.

1. You can know the operating conditions of the rotary rack oven from the indicator on the machine door.
2. The electric appliances for the alerter, air drawing monitoring and wind speed adjustment are all imported.
3. The baking temperature of the product can be adjusted from 0℃ to 300℃. You can control the temperature and the baking time freely.
4. The timer and the temperature control instrument are all imported.
5. The humanized design of the door handle makes for the easy operation. The door will open if you move it towards right slightly and then pull it outwards.

II. The good quality of the product will make you enjoy longer service life of the machine.

1. The inside and outside of the rotary rack oven are made of 1.5mm first-class stainless steel.
2. The special design of the air duct makes for the uniform distribution of the temperature. There are five level designed to adjust the air volume. Therefore, you can control the baking temperature accurately.
3. The trolley can be pushed in and out of the machine easily. You can bake 32 trays of food at one time.
4. The bakery food manufactured with our machine has uniform colour and lustre. You are free from worrying about the quality of the baked food.
5. The superior imported filler strip is installed on the door of the rotary rack oven. Additionally, we manufacture the product with first-class rock wool around the machine to provide excellent heat insulation performance to the rotary rack oven.

III. We are paying more attention to you are caring for. Sufficient preparation is made to bring freedom from care for you.

The combustion engine of the product is imported from Japan. The reliable quality determines the longer service life of the machine.

The picture above is the front side of the product, which is made of 1.5mm stainless steel with high temperature resistance. The stainless steel door handle makes it quite easy for you to open and close the door. With the transparent glass window, you can learn the baking conditions of the product at any time.

This is the picture for the air outlet above the door of the rotary rack oven.

VI. We are paying attention to every detail to bring the perfect product for you. As a professional manufacturer, we are aiming to provide reliable product and service for you.

1. The motor for the turnplate and the hanging bracket is imported from Japan.
2. The rear case of the product is made of stainless steel plated with stoving varnish with high temperature resistance. Therefore, the product has good durability.
3. The combustion engine of the machine is imported from Japan with original packaging. The good quality of the combustion engine guarantees the longer service life of the machine.
4. The energy saving rotary rack oven is a well received product of our company. It has been sold for 25 years.

Operation Display

The pictures above show the rotary process during baking. This process is repeated during the operation of the machine.

1. The product shall be packed first with plastic bag. As shown in the picture, the product is then packed with thickened cardboard.

2. Finally, the product is packed in plywood and board with marking on four sides.

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