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Chicken Griller

The chicken griller can be used for small-size barbecue shop at the places such as dining hall, household, school and bar. This product is quite suitable for baking corn, lamb leg, beef, chicken, duck and fish.

1. The suitable rack or gridiron shall be selected according to the food to be baked. Then fix the gridiron at the optimal position of the rotary shaft.
2. Open the liquefied gas valve and light the two burners with the burning torch. When the motor switch of the rotary shaft is pressed, the indicator light will be turned on.
3. Put the food on the rotary shaft for baking.
4. To control the colour and the taste of the food, customers can decide the baking time according to the characteristic of the food and their personal preference.
5. If you need to clean the machine, please remember to cut off the gas source or electricity firstly. The cleaning shall be conducted with the solution that is non-corrosive. The towel shall be used for cleaning. It is not allowed to wash the chicken griller with water directly or put the whole machine into water for cleaning. Otherwise, the performance of the electric appliance will be damaged. What is worse, the security incident may be caused.

Model Name Weight Machine Size
SJI-16 16 chicken griller 70kg 107×56×128mm
OT-950 Gas chicken griller 20kg 580×650×950mm
OT-850 Electric chicken griller 15kg 505×650×1120mm
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