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    1. Rotary Rack Oven

      The rotary rack oven is used to bake moon cake, toast, dinner roll, Russian hamburger, shortcake, custard pie, biscuit and other kinds of bread and desserts. Meanwhile, this product is also available for roasting a large amount of meat, such as chicken, duck, beef and mutton.

    1. Convection Oven

      This product is equipped with several devices for different functions such as strong lighting, steam spraying, automatic temperature control and temperature limit protection. The machine is suitable for ...

    1. Deck Oven

      There is cotton insulation between every two decks. So the temperature in one deck will not be affected by that of the other decks. The temperature of each deck can be set up separately for baking different food.

    1. Pizza OvenBesides the beautiful and luxurious appearance, it is very easy for you to clean this machine. Since this machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, even under the high temperature, this product will not deform.
    1. Tunnel Oven

      The machine is equipped with self-lubricating mute conveyor chain. The good quality of the chain makes for the long service life and the stable transport of the food. There are two ...

    1. Chicken GrillerThe cleaning shall be conducted with the solution that is non-corrosive. The towel shall be used for cleaning. It is not allowed to wash the chicken griller with water directly or put the whole machine into water for cleaning.