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Dough Sheeter


The dough sheeter is used to flatten and stretch the dough for making pastry, doughnut, croissant, pie, cookie, almond cake, pizza, short bread with fruit stuffing, etc.

Technical Parameters
Model Roller Width(mm) Thickness of Dough(mm) Voltage/Power Weight (kg) Size(cm)
NFQ-520 520 1~38 220/380V,0.6/0.8Kw 250 250×860×120
NFQ-620 620 1~38 280 250×960×120

Product Features
1. The part that contacts with the dough is made of #304 stainless steel, which conforms to the hygiene requirement for food.
2. The conveyer belt with good quality is 500mm in width and 120m in length.
3. The product is designed with heavy duty. The machine body is made of iron painted with lacquer.
4. The thickness of the flattened dough is from 1mm to 3mm. It is very easy for you to adjust the machine to meet the different requirement on the thickness of the dough.
5. The dough sheeter is produced with security protection device. The operation of the machine will be stopped if the worker presses the button that controls the security protection device.
6. The operating speed of the conveyer belt will change automatically when it is moving forward and backward.
7. Since the housing of the machine is made of cast aluminum and the rack is treated with powder painting, it is very easy for you to clean the machine.

Operating Instruction
1. Put down the platform for the conveyor belt on two sides and the safety protection facility. Then turn on the power switch
2. Check if the operation of the machine without dough is stable. Then adjust the space between rollers to the reasonable value.
3. Put the dough on the conveyor belt and flatten it repeatedly. The distance shall be adjusted when each flattening is finished until the dough has been made into ideal thickness.
Note: During flattening, the dough shall be slightly floured to make it easier to be flattened. The quantity of the flour needed shall be decided according to the actual demand.

4. The operating rod to control the forward and backward motion of the conveyer is a horizontal pole with ball knots at two sides. The conveyer belt will move to the direction of the ball knot that is pushed down.

The handle used to adjust the thickness of the dough is located in the upside of the doughsheeter. The thickness can be adjusted when the operating rod of the forward and backward motion is in horizontal position. When the conveyor belt is moving forward and backward, the handle will be locked automatically.


1. Besides the normal packing, the product is packed with cardboard as that is shown in the picture.


2. Finally, the dough sheeter shall be fixed with plywood and board with labels on four sides of the machine.


The machine can be used to process the bread, cake and croissant with multi layers. With oil-immersed roller, the machine has low noise during operation. The transportation of the dough can be conducted forward and reverse. Since this machine is foldable, it can be placed on the table.

Model Roller Width Thickness of Dough Voltage/Power N.W. (kg) Machine Size (cm)
NFQ-520T 520mm 1 ~38mm 220/380V,0.6/0.8kW 250 860*1750*690
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