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    1. Toast MoulderDue to the oil-immersed design, the motor has good abrasion resistance and the noise caused during operation is low.
      The surface of the roller is specially processed with hard chrome. Thus the roller is scratching-resistant and the flour on the dough will not stick to the roller.
    1. Baguette Moulder

      The imported wool felt is of high quality with longer service life. Therefore, the dough produced is more delicate.
      The roller of the baguette moulder is made of high quality stainless steel. The dough shaped has ...

    1. Semi-automatic Dough Divider and RounderIncorporating al the latest design principles for dividing and rounding, safety, economy, and reliability, Southstar’s dough divider and rounder is ideal for round dough making for buns, moon cakes, hamburger buns, steamed buns, dumplings, and other round breads.
    1. Automatic Dough DividerThis range of product can divide the dough into 20 or 30 pieces effectively and averagely.
      The simplified design makes for the easy operation of the machine.
      This machine is made of stainless steel. Therefore, it is more durable.
    1. Dough SheeterThe part that contacts with the dough is made of #304 stainless steel, which conforms to the hygiene requirement for food.
      The conveyer belt with good quality is 500mm in width and 120m in length.
    1. Pizza RollerThe design of the switch is delicate.
      There is a safety shield designed for the roller.
      The stainless steel housing makes for the beautiful appearance of the product.

Bread Moulder

The bread moulder is used to process the dough into different shapes. The product we offer can be classified into toast series, banquette series, dough sheeter, pizza roller, automatic dough divider and rounder, semi-automatic dough divider and rounder, etc. The good quality and the superior performance make for the long service life of the product.