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Quality Monitoring

As a manufacturer for bakery equipment, we have been striving to offer the customers satisfactory and safe baking machines. With the working staff who have more than ten years experience, we strictly control every production step to guarantee the quality of our product.

Our production process includes 6 steps that are plate shearing, punching, welding, baking finish spraying, quality testing and finished product testing. Every production step is strictly controlled by skilled workers. Therefore, we can make sure the backing machines we offer to the customers are safe and in reliable quality.

Plate shearing step

In plate shearing, we shear the material cautiously to make the error of thickness limited within 1mm so as to guarantee the precision of our product.

  • Punching step
  • Punching step
  • Punching step
  • Equipment imported from Japan
  • Equipment imported from Japan
  • Punching
  • Data programming control box

CNC bending machine
We have 2 sets of Japan-imported equipment and one home-made numerical control machine tool used in the punching step. The angle error in bending forming is limited less than 1mm. The advanced equipment makes for the stable performance of our product.

Welding step

In the step of welding, all the welders have rich experience in welding. They strictly comply with the regulations of the international standard to wear the protective hat, gloves and mask.

Baking finish spraying

After being welded, the product will be sent to the varnish baking room to be processed with spray coating and baking.

Product testing

Every product will be treated with surface cleaning.

After cleaning, the quality inspector will inspect the product and stick a product qualification label on it. The logo of our company will also be presented on the product.

After being inspected by the quality inspector, the skilled staff will do test to the inner parts of the machines to guarantee the safety of our products.

Tests on the performance of gas and electricity will be done to some of the special products.

Finished product storage

After being inspected, all the products will be stored together for delivery.

Quality and safety are what the customers mostly concern. It is our strict control to every production step that makes us produce the customer-satisfying and safe baking machinery. We are looking forward to cooperating with you.

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