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Standard Deck Oven

This standard deck oven is widely used by mall, supermarket and bakery. The luxury and nice appearance will help you to improve the company image.
1. Designed with detachable structure, this product is flexible and convenient for transportation and installation.
2. Fast heating speed and good heat preservation are conducive to energy saving.
3. This product can be powered by electricity or fuel gas. Customers can choose the product according to their actual demand.

Model Energy
Capacity Tray Size (mm) Voltage &
N.W/G.W (kg) Machine
Size (cm)
YXY-20AZ LPG 1 deck with 2 trays 400×600 220V/100W 120/160 140×97×62
YXY-30AZ LPG 1 deck with 3 trays 400×600 220V/100W 150/190 182×99×62
YXY-40AZ LPG 2 decks with 4 trays 400×600 220V/200W 258/308 140×99×156
YXY-60AZ LPG 3 decks with 6 trays 400×600 220V/300W 364/434 140×99×183
YXY-90AZ LPG 3 decks with 9 trays 400×600 220V/300W 505/605 182×99×196
YXD-20K Electricity 1 deck with 2 trays 400×600 220/380V/6.2kW 109/144 135×96×56
YXD-30K Electricity 1 deck with 3 trays 400×600 220/380V/8.7kW 159/199 177×96×56
YXD-40K Electricity 2 decks with 4 trays 400×600 380V/12kW 200/258 135×96×131
YXD-60K Electricity 3 decks with 6 trays 400×600 380V/18kW 279/360 135×96×164
YXD-90K Electricity 3 decks with 9 trays 400×600 380V/27kW 355/450 177×96×164
Details Show
  • The digital display temperature controller has higher precision and small error.

  • The roomy oven chamber makes it suitable for baking various kinds of food.

  • Made of first-class stainless steel, this machine will not deform under high temperature circumstance. The chromium-plated stainless steel door handle is quite durable for use.

  • Due to the thick insulating layer of the standard deck oven, the temperature of each deck will not be affected by that of other decks.

  • The upper heating system and the lower heating system can be separately controlled. The digital display instrument will show the temperature precisely.

  • This machine is provided with double-layer glass inspection window with good thermal insulation.

  • There is heat reflection board provided for the upper heating system. So, the thermal power is more uniform.

  • High-quality and high-efficient combustion tube

  • The standard deck oven of fuel gas series is installed with high-energy stainless steel combustor, which has good high-temperature resistance and will not deform.
    The high-quality ignitor is equipped with the product powered by fuel gas. The ignition is accurate and rapid.

  • There are two solenoid valves provided with the machine to control the fuel gas. The double airtight protection makes for safe operation of the machine.

Flexible and convenient, this standard deck oven is provided with detachable structure.

Produced with lighting system, customers can get to know baking conditions of food easily.

Optimal heat dissipation device
There are heat dissipation holes designed at side of the electrical cabinet and exhaust fan at the back. With good heat dissipation performance, service life of the electric appliance is extended.

The standard deck oven powered by electricity adopts FIR electricity heated tubes. The lower heating system and upper heating system can be controlled separately. Meanwhile, automatic temperature control, timer, automatic alarm and over-temperature protection functions are also available with this machine.

Precise electrical apparatus control system

First-class and durable electric heating tubes

There is flame monitoring system provided for each deck. Under the circumstance of flameout or malfunction of the machine parts, gas supply shall be cut off within 3 seconds to ensure absolute safety of the standard deck oven and the workers.

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