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Common Deck Oven

Designed with simple and beautiful appearance, the common deck oven is widely used by vegetable market, mall, supermarket and bakery for baking cake, moon cake, bread, bean cake, flaky pastry, and some others. Featuring good layer, less moisture loss, non-deformation, and uniform and bright colour, food produced with this machine is well received by customers. Since the main electric appliance is imported from other countries, this product is both sturdy and durable. Made of first-class stainless steel, this machine will not transfer heat or get deformed. Classified into fuel gas series and electricity series, this common deck oven has the following features.

Model Energy Type Capacity Tray Size(mm) Voltage &Power N.W/G.W (kg) Machine Size (cm) Packing
Size (cm)
YXY-12A LPG 1deck with 1 tray 400×600 220V/80W 78/108 90×99×57 108×98×62
YXY-20A LPG 1 deck with 2 trays 400×600 220V/100W 113/148 140×90×78 152×103×82
YXY-30A LPG 1deck with 3 trays 400×600 220V/100W 150/190 182×99×78 192×103×82
YXY-40A LPG 2 decks with 4 trays 400×600 220V/200W 208/263 140×99×145 152×103×143
YXY-S-60A LPG 2 decks with 6 trays 400×600 220V/200W 276/360 182×99×145 192×103×143
YXY-60A LPG 3 decks with 6 trays 400×600 220V/300W 281/341 140×99×183 152×103×192
YXY-90A LPG 3 decks with 9 trays 400×600 220V/300W 385/455 182×99×183 192×103×192
YXD-10AC Electricity 1 deck with 1 tray 400×600 220/380V/
49/69 92×64×44 103×73×56
YXD-20C Electricity 1deck with 2 trays 400×600 220/380V/
77/117 122×86×53 131×94×68
YXD-30C Electricity 1deck with 3 trays 400×600 220/380V/
106/200 165×86×53 178×95×65
YXD-40C Electricity 2 decks with 4 trays 400×600 380V/12kW 148/208 122×86×126 131×95×124
YXD-S-60C Electricity 2decks with 6 trays 400×600 380V/18kW 205/295 165×86×129 178×98×145
YXD-60C Electricity 3decks with 6 trays 400×600 380V/18kW 198/258 122×86×156 131×95×168
YXD-90C Electricity 3 decks with 9 trays 400×600 380V/27kW 272/342 165×86×156 176×94×170
YXY-1212ABF Gas for oven, electricity for proofer 2 trays for baking+6 trays for fermentation 400×600 220V/0.2+
160/200 90×86×180 100×98×195
YXY-20ABF Gas for oven, electricity for proofer 2 trays for baking+10 trays for fermentation 400×600 220V/0.1+
165/225 140×90×175 152×103×185
YXY-40ABF Gas for oven, electricity for proofer 4 trays for baking+10 trays for fermentation 400×600 220V/0.2+
248/320 140×99×190 152×103×213
YXD-1212CBF Electricity 2 trays for baking +6 trays for fermentation 400×600 220V/6.0+
160/220 92×64×180 103×73×195
YXD-20CBF Electricity 2 trays for baking+8 trays for fermentation 400×600 220V/6.2+
165/225 122×86×175 131×91×185
YXD-40CBF Electricity 4 trays for baking+8 trays for fermentation 400×600 380V//12+
248/320 122×86×190 131×91×213
  • With high precision, there is also a digital computer control panel provided with this product for temperature control.

  • II. Specially designed, temperature inside the oven chamber can reach the same level simultaneously. So food produced has uniform colour.

  • The #304 stainless steel heating bar is installed slantwise. Therefore, complete combustion of gas can be obtained.

  • High-quality and durable heating control system
    Ignitor, air blower and solenoid valve

  • With good heat preservation and heat insulation effect, energy can be saved accordingly.

  • To obtain good heat dissipation effect and longer service life of the electric appliance, there are ventilation holes designed at the side of the electrical cabinet and exhaust fan at the back.

I. There are two control panels manufactured for this machine. Through the operation on the manual control panel, baking temperature can be exactly controlled. Also, there is a timer designed for each deck.

To realize the uniform colour of the baked food, there is a reflection board provided with this common deck oven. So temperature in each corner of the oven chamber is of the same.

The upper heat pipe and lower heat pipe are uniformly distributed to ensure better baking effect. Respectively controlled by different instruments, the upper heating system and the lower heating system have the functions like automatic temperature control, over-temperature protection, etc.

Fuel gas series

Common deck oven powered by electricity

Optimal heat dissipation device is provided along with the electrical cabinet.

Chrome plated door handle and inspection window.

More Functions
1. Product with proofer
Manufactured with full-automatic spray type heating system, the deck oven with proofer can generate steam rapidly. Both inside and outside of the machine are made of stainless steel. Installed with PU insulating layer and the machine door with powerful suction, this machine has optimal leakproofness, which is conducive to good energy-saving effect.

For good leakproofness, this machine is provided with powerful suction door and safe elastic rubber door seal.

This rotary knob is used to control temperature and humidity inside the common deck oven.

The roomy oven chamber is fully made of stainless steel.
With full-automatic spray type heating system, steam can be generated rapidly.

2. To obtain the baked food with better colour and lustre, the slabstone can be engineered with the product to generate steam.

Moreover, the slabstone installed at the bottom will improve the heat preservation effect, which makes the common deck oven quite suitable for baking pizza.

More Display

The baking tray of XY-20A single deck with single tray series is 400×600mm.


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