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Spiral Mixer NFJ-15

Product Features
1. The uprated motor and strengthened spiral arm increase the spiral mixer’s ability to knead hard dough.
2. The bowl hooking and unhooking system and the head lowering and raising movements are carried out automatically using a hydraulic system.
3. The bow motion is carried out with a friction wheel, and does not need maintenance.
4. The closed anti-dust safety guard can be mounted on the mixer as an optional accessory.
5. The heavy gauge, stainless steel bowl, and full bowl ABS cover or stainless mesh cover keep the mixer clean and protected when not in use.
6. The mixer has a high torque, dual stage belt drive, front and rear levelers, as well as an automatic over current protection.
7. 2 Speed time controls or microcomputer controls are available.

Product Parameters
Model NFJ-15 NFJ-25 NFJ-50 NFJ-75
Bowl Capacity 50ltrs 80ltrs 130ltrs 200ltrs
Power 3kw 4kw 5.5kw 10.5kw
380V/50Hz/3PH 380V/50Hz/3PH 380V/50Hz/3PH 380V/50Hz/3PH
Mixing Speed(s) 138/280rpm 126/252rpm 108/216rpm 102/210rpm
Weight 320kg 430kg 550kg 800kg
Machine 850x520x1060mm 980x530x1060mm 1110x710x1060mm 1500x900x1470mm
Kneading Capacity (Flour) 15kg 25kg 50kg 75kg
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