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Economical Rotary Rack Oven

The economical rotary rack oven adopts powerful stream generation system which may generate a large amount of stream at one moment. This kind of machine can be designed in the modes powered by diesel, gas and electricity. The combustion engine of the product powered by oil and gas is imported from Japan. With the characteristic of lower energy consumption and complete combustion, this product can reduce the production cost to a great extent. The size of the baking tray for this product is 72×46cm. Additionally, customized baking tray and trolley are also available.

Technical Parameters
Model Productivity Energy Voltage/Power Weight(kg) Size(cm)
CRO-12D 12 baking trays/1 trolley Electricity 380V/31Kw 950 178×146×170
CRO-12C 12 baking trays/1 trolley Diesel 380V/2.5Kw 950 178×146×170
CRO-12Q 12 baking trays/1 trolley Gas 380V/2.5Kw 950 178×146×170
NFX-16D 16 baking trays/1 trolley Electricity 380V44Kw 1600 225×141×270
NFX-16C 16 baking trays/1 trolley Diesel 380V/3.38Kw 1600 225×156×270
NFX-16Q 16 baking trays/1 trolley Gas 380V/3.38Kw 1600 225×156×270
NFX-32D 32 baking trays/1 trolley Electricity 380V/52Kw 1800 262×168×274
NFX-32C 32 baking tray/1 trolley Diesel 380V/3.8Kw 1800 262×168×274
NFX-32Q 32 baking trays/1 trolley Gas 380V/3.8Kw 1800 262×168×274
NFX-64D 64 baking trays/2 trolleys Electricity 380V/58Kw 2500 227×322×274
NFX-64C 64 baking trays/2 trolleys Diesel 380V/4.2Kw 2500 227×322×274
NFX-64Q 64 baking trays/2 trolleys Gas 380V/5.2Kw 2500 227×322×274

Product Comparison

I. Materials for outside and inside of the product

Our product: the outside of the economical rotary rack oven is made of stainless steel with the thickness from 1.2mm to 2.0mm. Additionally, the thickness of the stainless steel for the oven chamber is 1.5mm. Therefore, our product is sturdy and durable.
Product of other suppliers: some manufacturers only use the stainless steel for the front side of the product. The other three sides are made of spraying plate. This kind of products will get corroded and rusted after a few years. The inside of the machine is made of 1.2mm electro-galvanized sheet coated with silver paint. When being used for half a year, the coating will come off and fall into the baked food, which will seriously affect the quality of the baked food as well as the reputation the food manufacturer.

II. The combustor of our product is in good quality. Even used for ten years, the combustor will not be burnt through.

Our product: the combustion tube is made of 3.0mm seamless stainless steel. The thinnest stainless steel we adopt for the inside of the combustion chamber is 2.0mm. Meanwhile, a 6.0mm steel plate is installed on the economical rotary rack oven at the position directly opposite the combustion engine. Therefore, the service life of our product is greatly extended. Even being used for 10 years, the combustor will not be burnt through.
Product of other supplier: the basic materials they use are the same with our company. However, they do not install the 6mm steel plate for the combustion chamber. Therefore, when being used for 2 years, the combustion chamber will be burnt through and need to be repaired or replaced.

III. The imported energy-saving and safe combustion engine

Our product: the combustion engine of the rotary rack oven is imported from Japan Olympia. So, our product is safer and more energy-saving. Meanwhile, it is very easy for you to clean the machine. A filter is equipped with the engine to filtrate the impurity in the diesel. Each of the combustion engines shall be tested several times to ensure the longer service life.
Product of other supplier: although their combustion engines are also from Japan Olympia, there is no filter equipped for the engine. So, the combustion engine is very easy to get dirty and blocked which may cause the damage to the oil pump and shorten the service life of the product.

IV. Advanced baking structure with uniform baking effects

Our product: the economical rotary rack oven has large oven chamber with big rotating radius. It supports the production for 32 baking trays in the size of 460×720mm at one time. The air volume can be easily adjusted to 5 levels. So, the wind force generated is uniform to make sure the baking effect is also uniform. With the special design of the turnplate and the hanging bracket, the trolley will not shake during baking to ensure the uniformity of the bakery food. The hanging bracket of the turnplate is fixed in the middle and the two sides are tensioned by the auxiliary device. The falling of the screw will not occur.

Product of other supplier: the internal space of the rotary rack oven is the same with that of our company. However, the hot air can be adjusted to only 3 levels. Therefore, it is very difficult for the food manufacturer to control the uniformity of the air. The hanging bracket of the turnplate is just fixed in the middle. So, the screw of the handing bracket is very easy to come off, which will lead to the incline of the hanging bracket. More seriously, the turnplate may be stuck or the oven chamber may be deformed.

V. Advanced electric appliance structure
Our product: being different from the traditional machines, the controlling part of our rotary rack oven is produced with built-in electric control cabinet which effectively protects the controlling part from the rat, insect, as well as the high temperature and the steam from the electric appliance. Therefore, the controlling part will not get rusted and the service life of the electric appliance is increased.

Product of other supplier: the design in traditional structure is still used for the controlling part of the machine. The circuit is very easy to be destroyed by the insect or rat. Meanwhile, when the door is open, a great deal of steam will come in. The continuous contact with high temperature and high humidity will lead to the rust, electric leakage and short circuit. Accordingly, the service life of the product is shortened.

VI. Ideal heat preservation performance
Our company: the cotton for the heat preservation of the economical rotary rack oven is as thick as 135mm, which provides good heat insulation to the product. The cotton is designed in cross structure. It reduces theinterspace to the greatest extent. With less loss in the quantity of heat, this product will help you to save more energy.

Product of other supplier: the thickness of the heat preservation cotton is also 135mm. However, since the cotton is not designed in cross structure, the interspaces are more than that of our company. Therefore, more quantity of heat will lose during production.

VII. Longer service life and other advantages

Our company: the electric appliances of this rotary rack oven are purchased from the famous suppliers in China, Japan and France, such as the temperature-controlled meter from Taiwan and the power switch from Germany. The controlling part of the machine is designed with automatic control and manual control. In case the position switch or the automatic control is out of order, the manual control can be used. The selectable air speeds for this product include fast speed, slow speed and zero speed. The service life of the product is more than 10 years.
Product of other supplier: Even though the electric appliances are also imported, the controlling part is manufactured in one mode. When the position switch or the automatic control is out of order, the machine will not run normally. Only fast and slow air speed is available. Meanwhile, the service life of the product is just 5 years.

VIII. Operation Simulation
  • The staff of our company are debugging the 32-tray gas rotary rack oven by baking baguette.

  • The ferment of the baguette is finished. Now the baking can be started.

  • The trolley with baguette has been pushed into the machine. The baguette shall be baked for 25 minutes with the temperature of 180℃.

  • Time is up. As seen in the picture, the colour of the baguette is uniform. No colour difference can be observed among the baguettes on the upper tray and the lower tray.

  • This is the customer from Congo. It was the first time that she purchased the rotary rack oven from us. She is quite satisfied with the baking effect of our machine.

  • The baguette we made fully meets the requirement of the customers from ingredient mixing, shaping, ferment and baking.

If the parts of the machine are delivered separately, the front case, middle case and the rear case shall be put on the solid wood baseplate and fixed.

If the machine is packed in whole, the plastic wrap shall be used to cover the machine body. Then the machine is packed with cardboard.

Finally, the rotary rack oven shall be fixed with plywood and board with markings on four sides.

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