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 Deck Oven

    1. EBE Series Deck OvenThis Europe style electric oven is suitable for shopping malls, supermarkets, freshly baked store and so Suitable for baking cake, moon cake, bread, green bean bake, pastries and almost baking products. The perfect balance between technology and design,Human-reference metric for each component.
    1. Luxurious Deck OvenThere is cotton insulation between every two decks. So the temperature in one deck will not be affected by that of the other decks. The temperature of each deck can be set up separately for baking different food.
    1. Standard Deck OvenThe lower heating system and upper heating system can be controlled separately. Meanwhile, automatic temperature control, timer, automatic alarm and over-temperature protection functions are also available with this machine.
    1. Common Deck OvenSince the main electric appliance is imported from other countries, this product is both sturdy and durable. Made of first-class stainless steel, this machine will not transfer heat or get deformed. Classified into fuel gas series and electricity series, this common deck oven has the following features.
    1. Economic Deck OvenThis style of gas oven is suitable for shopping malls, supermarkets, bakeries and more. It is especially suitable for baking cakes, moon cakes, pastries, bread and other foods
    1. Combination Deck Oven5 trays convection oven + 1 deck 2 trays deck oven + 8 trays proofer Measurement: 1250*1340*1950 mm Inside & Outside S.S.304