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Pizza Oven

I. Function and Features

1. Functions
This pizza oven is mainly used to bake various kinds of bread, including pizza, sweet bread, square bread, baguette, cream cake and other foreign pastries. Meanwhile, the machine is also applicable for baking chicken, duck, meat and fish. Besides the baking function, this product has the function of drying. This machine is a good choice for the bread factories and bakeshops.

2. Main Features

Besides the beautiful and luxurious appearance, it is very easy for you to clean this machine. Since this machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, even under the high temperature, this product will not deform.

The heat pipe is imported from Japan. It makes for the uniform heating performance of the product.

  • Components of the electric heating
    system of the product powered
    by electricity
  • Components of thermodynamic
    system of the product powered
    by gas

The components of the thermal system are of high grade. So the pizza oven has high working efficiency and long service life.

The heat preservation cotton at both sides and back of the machine is thickened. Additionally, the stone slab is designed with the machine to provide efficient and uniform heating for baking pizza.

Main Parameters
Model Name Size of Oven Chamber Voltage/Power Weight(kg) Machine Size(cm)
YXY-2P Gas pizza oven 665×665 220V/100W 170 115×100×65
YXY-3P Gas pizza oven 665×995 220V/100W 220 115×134×61
YXY-4P Gas pizza oven 665×665 220V/200W 300 115×100×114
YXY-6P Gas pizza oven 665×995 220V/200W 360 115×134×114
YXD-2P Electric pizza oven 665×665 220V/4.0Kw 130 110×85×51
YXD-3P Electric pizza oven 665×995 380V/6.0Kw 180 115×134×61
YXD-4P Electric pizza oven 665×665 380V/8.0Kw 210 110×85×130
YXD-6P Electric pizza oven 665×995 380V/8.0Kw 280 115×134×114

Note: The quantity of the trays can be customized according to the requirement of the customer.

III. Precautions for Installation
1. The air switch with earth leakage protection shall be prepared according to the instruction and shall be installed on the wall at the suitable location.
2. Check if the pizza oven is damaged during transportation. The machine shall be moved to the specific location upon the confirmation that the machine is in good state. Then install the outlet switch of the product on the air switch. Please remember to distinguish the phase wire and the neutral wire and make sure the ground wire is well connected.
3. Check if all the switches are in normal state.

Note: Before being used, the machine must be firmly placed on the ground.

IV. Operating Instruction
1. Turn on the main power and the power switch for each deck. Then set the temperature for baking. The machine will start heating.
2. When the temperature reaches the set value, open the door of the pizza oven and put the food in the machine for baking. Then close the door and set the baking time. You can turn on the light in the machine and get to know the baking condition from the inspection window.
3. When the baking is finished, the buzzer of the machine will give an alarm. You can take the finished food out of the machine and make preparation for next baking.

Note: Because this range of machine is not waterproof, it is prohibited to clean this machine with water directly.

V. Daily Maintenance
1. When the daily production is finished, please set the value of the temperature controller to zero. In this way, the impact of the strong current on the power system can be avoided when the pizza oven is switched on next time.
2. Before off duty, the food residue in the oven chamber shall be cleaned timely to avoid the negative influence on heat transfer.
3. The cooking fume on the inspection window shall be wiped in time.

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