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Retarder Proofer

Product Description
The Southstar retarder proofer uses a micro-computer as its primary control, so that the unit can be programmed to freeze for 24 hours at any time. The micro-computer also ensures the freedom of both automatic and manual control. This machine has 4 main fully controllable stages: the freezer, cooling, proofer 1 and proofer 2.

A. The microcomputer controls the temperature and humidity within the retarder proofer. In the proofer mode, the relative humidity can be adjusted from 60-99% for maximum control.

B. The Southstar retarder proofer has a built in lighting system and wide double glazed windows so that users can watch their products through the entire process. The easy to use, fully programmable timer allows for full control for the maximum output.

Technical Parameters
Model Power(KW) Volume Frequency Exterior Dimension Tray Dimension
FX-16SC 2.3 220V/50HZ 650*900*2300 400*600/460*720
FX-32SC 3.5 220V/50HZ 1260*900*2300 400*600/460*720

Product Features
1. The frozen proofer consists of two independent refrigeration systems and proofing system components, combined.
2. The PU insulation and thermal insulation performance is great, and the automatic control panel saves time.
3. The proofer consists of stainless steel and high quality imported compressors. Lane: 304, sheet thickness, 1.0mm, outside: 430.
4. Refrigerated: 3 ℃ -8 ℃ frozen: -0 ℃ - -18 ℃ frozen: -18 ℃ - -30 ℃
5. Set Refrigerated temperature range: 3 ℃ -8 ℃.
Set proofing temperature range: 35 ℃ -38 ℃ (35 ℃)
Set humidity: 75% -85% (depending on the customer's own settings)

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