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    1. Retarder Proofer

      The Southstar retarder proofer uses a micro-computer as its primary control, so that the unit can be programmed to freeze for 24 hours at any time.

    1. Standard ProoferThe steam generator of this machine is quite reliable. It can generate stream 5 minutes after the machine is started up. The particle of the steam is extremely small. The dough fermented with this standard proofer has higher expansion rate for baking.
    1. Controller for ProoferThe automatic water supply is specially designed for this machine. Under the circumstance of water shortage, the electricity will be turned off automatically to protect the machine.
      There is a change-over switch equipped with this machine for the applications in different seasons.
    1. FreezerThe freezer uses an imported high back pressure hermetic compressor. It is known for its high efficiency and low noise.
      Using a 3D stereo surround cooling system, a copper tube evaporator and a cabinet temperature equilibrium, food is fresher longer.


The proofer is used to ferment the dough when the shaping of the bread is finished or before the baking is started. This machine is suitable for applications at home and other places. The product manufactured by our company has good performance in controlling humidity and temperature. There are many types of product for you to select. The machines we can offer are classified into standard series and retarder series.

Structure and Functions
  • 1. The interior of the proofer is made of #304 stainless steel and the exterior of the product is #201 stainless steel.

  • 2. Through the transparent inspection window of the product that is high temperature resistant and crush resistant, you can get to know the fermentation conditions of the dough.

3. The PU heat insulating layer provides good heat preservation for the fermentation.

4. The tube for heating the temperature and the tube for heating the water to generate moisture are both made of stainless steel, and are durable.

5. Full-automatic air current circulation system and the automatic water supply system

  • 6. There is high-quality sealing pad installed on the outside of the door. So the temperature conditions inside the proofer can be well maintained.

  • 7. The door handle is of humanized design in the shape of curve.

1. Besides the normal packing material, the product is packed with cardboard at four sides as shown in the picture.

2. Finally, the product shall be packed with plywood and board. Markings shall be made at four sides of the packing.