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Egg Mixer

  • Appearance

    Generally, white and black are the dominant colours in the kitchen. Are you tired of the dull environment? If so, the colourful NFB-7 egg mixer will bring you a refreshing environment for you kitchen. Besides the nobleness and the fashion, this machine will make you enjoy the simple operation but the complete functions.

  • Mixing Mode

    Following the development of the industry, the machine is produced by adopting the most popular and effective stirring mode named planetary motion. When the stirring device is rotating, the stirrer itself is also rotating in uniform speed. The material at any location of the barrel can be fully stirred. The double rotation not only makes for the ideal stirring effect, but also the high working efficiency.

  • Adjustable Working Speed

    Range of rotating speed: the rotating speed of the egg mixer is divided into ten levels, from 40 times/minute to 200 times/minute. Therefore, our product can meet your requirement on the speed for processing different objects.

  • Lock Rod of the Machine Head

    The lock rod is used to control the uplift and the locking of the machine head when the operator dismantle or install the stirring tools in the machine. When the machine head is lift up, the lock rod will automatically lock the machine head at the current location. So the accident caused by the falling of the machine head can be avoided.

  • Anti-slip Foot Pad

    The bottom of the egg mixer is designed with rubber foot pad. The densely distributed dots on the foot pad will effectively increase the friction between the machine and the table. Since the weight of the machine is 10kg, it is quite stable during operation.


  • Dough Hook

    The dough hook of the machine is designed in S shape. It can process the dough according to different requirement for making bread, cake, pizza, etc.

  • Stirring Rod

    The stirring rod is designed in leaf shape. It is used to stir, mix or mash the material for making salad, milk shake, mashed potato, etc.
  • Eggbeater

    The special design in the form of mesh will help you to get the ideal stirring effect. It is a good selection for processing fluid for steamed egg, custard and ice cream.

1. Firstly, the egg mixer shall be packed with plastic bag for damp proof.
2. Secondly, pack the product with plastic foam for further protection.
3. Finally, the machine shall be put in the cardboard and fastened with packing belt.

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