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Standard Proofer FX-432S

Product Description
The Southstar fermenting room introduces international advanced technology, used by customers both in China and abroad. It features a low failure rate, a high processing capacity, quick manipulation and a long service life.

Product Features
1. With its large space, the machine can ferment dough in 2-8 carts or 64-256 trays simultaneously. It is a great choice for large scale bread factories.
2. It saves time and energy, improving the production efficiency of the fermenting process.
3. The touch screen operation panel features digital presentation of the temperature and humidity. It is also utilizes the most reliable watering/vaporing method so that the vapor begins to be let out in as little as 5 minutes after startup. The vapor granule is fine, resulting in a larger dilation ratio of leavened dough when placed inside a toaster.

Product Parameters
Model EXT.DIM(mm) Spec.(Plates) VOL.(V) POW(KW) PLATE SIZE(mm) Weight(Kg)
FX-232S 1700*1350*2080 64(2 trolleys) 220 3 460*720 280
FX-416S 1680*1200*2150 64(4 trolleys) 220 3 460*720 280
FX-432S 1980*1720*2150 128(4 trolleys) 220 4 460*720 480
FX-632S 2740*2060*2150 192(6 trolleys) 220 6 460*720 640
FX-832S 3900*2200*2150 256(8 trolleys) 220 8 460*720 680

Both the inner and outer walls are fabricated with #201 stainless steel sheets, and the inner layer is backfilled with a PU heat insulating material. It is known for its excellent appearance and perfect heat insulating effect.

#201 Stainless Steel Sheet
The continuous circulation and convection of the internal hot and wet air ensures a uniform distribution and consistent overall leavening rate. The cooling fan is manufactured by an internationally known national electronic accessories factory.

The specially designed winter and summer transform switch is suitable for different seasons. The touch type control panel makes control more accurate, and the control box can be installed separately from the fermenter.

The circuit was developed through extensive research of numerous technical personnel. Each wire and each part is tested numerous times by the quality control department.

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