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Controller for Proofer

Product Performance
1. The full-automatic microcomputer touch panel is installed on the top of the front side of the controller for proofer. Therefore, it is very convenient for you to control the machine. This product is widely used to ferment large quantity of dough, and is mainly suitable for the fermenting room and large-scale fermenting machine.
2. The machine can be controlled through microcomputer, which may provide reliable operation and the complete protection.
3. The operation panel is designed with pressure sensitive switch. The temperature and the humidity are displayed on the digital screen. Additionally, this machine is produced with the most reliable steam generator, which may generate steam five minutes after the machine is started. The particle of the steam generated is extremely small. With this controller for proofer, the expansion rate of the dough is higher.
4. The air inside the machine is circulating continuously and convectively. So the temperature and the humidity are uniformly distributed to ensure the same fermenting speed of the dough at any location.
5. The automatic water supply is specially designed for this machine. Under the circumstance of water shortage, the electricity will be turned off automatically to protect the machine.
6. There is a change-over switch equipped with this machine for the applications in different seasons.

Technical Parameters
Model Capacity Tray Size(mm) N.W (kg) Machine Size (cm) Voltage/Power
NFF-256ZJ 8 trolleys, 256 trays 460×720 78/98 113×33×164 380V/9.9Kw
Product Characteristic

This product has heating bar used for warming and the heating bar for generating moisture. Additionally, the air is forced to circulate to form inner convection.

Temperature Control
According to the curve of the temperature, we adopt the PID regulating system to control the temperature of the controller for proofer. With the thermal inertia, we can obtain the ideal temperature needed. Meanwhile, the overheating is avoided. The operating mode of the machine can be adjusted between winter mode and summer mode. You can also set the parameter of the machine to fit the requirement for different environments.

Traditionally, the electricity of the machine is turned off automatically when the temperature reaches the setting value. However, since the response of the temperature is slow, the electricity is turned off when the temperature has actually exceeded the setting value. According to the statistical analysis, 35% of the electricity is consumed for the needless heating. What is more, since the temperature fluctuation range is wide, the controller for proofer shall frequently start, which has negative influence on the energy saving and the service life of the product.

Humidity Control
The humidity element is imported from France. It can test the humidity accurately. The microcomputer will control the time for humidification automatically according to the humidity difference between the actual humidity in the machine and the humidity set up for the controller for proofer. Meanwhile, the sequence of heating and humidifying can be set up (the requirement on the sequence of heating and humidifying for winter and summer are quite different). The forced convection can bring better atomization and distribution of the steam to control the humidity within an ideal range.

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